The Company

CyD INTERNACIONAL S.A. is a Chilean fresh fruit exporting Company, which is devoted to grow its own fruit. The CyD group is a holding of four growers which supplies almost 100% of CyD needs for export. A renown team of professionals supports the production of those who provide the fruit exported by CyD, on a permanent basis.

These professionals have a long-term commitment to excellence, both in products and service. With this in mind, the group has invested in orchard infrastructure, nurseries and in the acceptance of new technology to meet the latest requirements of the international market in a timely fashion.

Thanks to its numerous international connections, the company has established strategic and successful business relationships with other countries. This allows the company to guarantee a high level of continuity in its supply and has resulted in its ever-growing and permanent presence in world markets.

The fruit that CyD Internacional S.A. exports is characterized by its consistency and worthiness, since our associates grow only top quality products. The fruit is dependent to strict quality control, carried out during its several stages of production and export procedures. These methods assure the consumer a healthy, safe and delicious product.